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A few of the songs Break out of the sound we've heard a lot. PUSH & The End - Sound like a new sound / Depeche - Pink Floyd woven into SW - Then songs like WASTELAND CTRL Z and Damaged goods have a ( darkest days meets RISE AGAIN ( dreaming ) sound. Crawl is Re-Worked and fits this album better but def sounds different. I think everything Joins together pretty well. You can see when a song is done by CHRIS vs WALTER and also when WALTER & Chris Combined on a song. Interesting. Not sure I can compare it to the original 3 albums. Too much time has past and the Grunge Guitar parts in music in general just don't add up. 
I like Every Song on Chasing Ghosts. Push my be one of my top 5 all time favorite stabbing westward songs and that's a surprising Treat. Cold is a little rough for me cause I have heard it for YEARS so to heard it 3rd is like hmm Feels weird but that could pass soon after a few dozen complete listens.

The whole Album does feel like its a theme more than any dreaming record has. The Dreaming always felt like some COOL songs all put together ( some AMAZING ones that I feel if MTV was still around and they played would be massively popular in different time line.  This is the best effort yet to have a theme or marry the songs together since Darkest Days.
Since Mostly Chris has carried the Music Torch of SW since 2001. One of the negatives is that some of these songs we've heard for YEARS and some are so new and exciting its hard not to skip around and breaks up my want to play 1-10.
That's an issue with all music that's release over time in the current industry climate. If you hear 4 songs over and over for 2 years they stick out on a 10 track album.

It's safe to say STABBING WESTWARD is Back and the Original 2 members are finally getting
to put their full input in with the help of their other members and Veteran Producer John fryer. Chasing Ghosts feels like its for the fans. It feels like SW jumped to 2022.
The only complaint I have is NOW I WANT MORE !! 
        My hope is the band is able to play live again and work songs like PUSH - Wasteland - Control Z and I AM NOTHING  into a set cause I'm all in to Jump up and down.

For Reference if I give anything Under a 5/10  I don't own it or listen to it LOL
I would only Rate music I like. So even a 6/10 is good to me.


( For Reference My Previous Ratings- These are personal Taste my opinion only )
Art is art and I suck at it usually but I love to listen to it.

SW Darkest Days 9.5/10
SW Wither Blister Burn Peel  8.9/10
The Dreaming Rise Again  8/10
SW Ungod  8/10
The Dreaming PUPPET  7.8/10
Stabbing Westward  7/10
The Dreaming Etched in Blood 7/10